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        Are you too busy to design a custom site from scratch? You are not alone. Today’s businesses are using web design and development agencies more than ever to build their online empires. Whether you have decided to build it yourself or want to understand the process, we have put together a guide with our top 9 theme selections below.

        Should You Design It In-House or Choose a Modern Website Designer?

        We know how difficult it can be to build a modern website while managing and building a business. While we started out as a creative design agency working with female entrepreneurs with service based businesses, we wanted to expand, and to do so, we wanted to build a bigger, better website that showcased all of our services including marketing, web design and development, SEO, and branding.

        If your site design and experience have wound up on the back-burner, we have the team and agility to launch a responsive, intuitive site in less than two weeks. While there are so many facets to building landing pages and websites, we have organized these details to make it easier for clients to customize their sites with our experienced web design process.

        The best part is: the results speak for themselves!

        Our clients love how quick we are to get started and develop modern web design concepts that they love. From initial designs to landing page forms to copywriting to images and more, we take care of everything while staying within your budget.

        Through years of perfecting the web design process, we have put together a list of our favorite WP and Squarespace themes that are perfect for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. They feature some of the latest minimalist web design trends to fully customized modern web design themes.

        We have pretty high standards when it comes to e-commerce and corporate themes, so these selections show off modern, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing designs with easy-to-use user experiences. Your visitors will thank you!

        Pros and cons of Squarespace (SS)


        • Square has hundreds of sophisticated site themes that are always optimized for mobile devices. Every little detail is perfected and tested before being released to the public, which means designs, sizes, images, fonts, and everything else just fits together perfect no matter what browser or device you use.
        • You can customize every theme to your heart’s content, especially if you know a bit about HTML and CSS.
        • Want to set up a blog? SS makes this easy to do with a commenting features, multi-author capabilities, beautiful color palettes, post scheduling, AMP support ,and more. You can also link your podcasts up to your web site easily.
        • Mobile app support is also available with SS. You can access all of your content on your iOS phone, allowing you to edit almost any page, including store, blog, and product pages.


        • There is a big learning curve with the SS editor. While the site has gotten easier to use over time, there are still some facets that require HTML and CSS knowledge to correctly set up. This can be surprisingly costly if you already purchased an SS theme and don’t know how to finish set up without a developer to help you.
        • If you need a deeper menu hierarchy, you may not like SS. It only supports a single navigational menu. This makes it impossible to set up multi-lingual responsive websites.
        • Some customers have reported that older SS templates earn low scores on Google’s Page Speed tool. You may need to look at the theme’s specifications to determine whether it will slow down your site’s speed.

        Pros and Cons of WordPress


        • WP is one of the most widely used hosting, blogging, and web design companies on the web. It’s estimated that 35% of websites are powered by WP currently. For that reason, their themes always have a ton of support, and there are thousands to choose from.
        • With a user-friendly content management system, WP makes it extremely simple to publish posts and share them across the web. It’s one of the original blogging tools, and it’s only gotten better with more plugins and custom themes from designers who work with WP to create beautiful templates.
        • There are over 56,000 plugins available for WP users. These can help you with SEO, image optimization, event calendar, social media sharing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some plugins are more valuable than others, so it’s best to look at reviews and fully look at the description before selecting a plugin.
        • SEO experts have said that plugins like Yoast SEO are the best way for small businesses to jump into optimizing their websites. WP has several other plugins for SEO and has made content incredibly easy to digest for search engine crawlers.
        • Most themes are fast and responsive, but you do need to check that they come with ongoing support and updates that match the current WP version. They also feature a variety of different styles, from minimalist web design to full corporate themes with stores and deep menu navigation.


        • WP doesn’t always work out for those who don’t have a site manager or a team to update the WP version when the new updates roll around. These are consistently updated every month or so.
        • Because WPsites are so popular, their security updates are frequently, which means that if you don’t update your site, it could be left open for vulnerabilities. Hackers specifically look for WP themes with vulnerabilities to attack, so it’s best to check that the WP version of your theme is current with the latest version.
        • Speed is another issue with some WP sites that have too much JavaScript and CSS, most likely due to multiple plugins. When you work with a web designer, this removes some of the junk that’s slowing down the site, but if you have to remove CSS and plugins yourself, you may spend time troubleshooting.

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